Sales is not just a profession but a skill that becomes a springboard to one’s success in life.

In many ways learning how to sell is like understanding the very basics of life and the fundamentals of running any business. Giving a quick growth path, organizations often prefer having leaders who’ve had a successful career in sales. To ascertain success in sales management, is it essential build good customer interaction, learn adaptive selling techniques, and present accordingly with a recognized course.

Course Objectives

The Diploma in Sales Program at Synergy is designed to give the learner first-hand insights about sales as a career choice. It also aims at teaching the learner with selling skills to get them started on their first sales job. The applicants of the course can learn the principles, tools, and practices of selling process by studying course, Diploma in Sales.

Every lesson in the programme engages the learner with exciting facts and analysis on how it would help them use the same while pursuing sales as a profession or career. It introduces the learner to tools and techniques for selling, in a way that makes it easy for buyers to buy. Overall, it is designed to build confidence for the time when you make the initial contact with the potential client or customer.

Course content

  • Introduction to Sales
  • Sales Cycle
  • Preparing for Sales
  • Grooming
  • Customer Relationship building


  • Diploma in Sales Courseware
  • Activity-based training
  • Course completion certificate
  • The right mix of theory and practical
  • Training by qualified and experienced professionals
  • Sophisticated classroom & modern presentation tools

Who can enroll?

  • The course is for everyone who is interested in learning more about sales management and wish to sell their product in the market.
  • The course will suit perfectly for professionals who are working in business or corporate setting such as marketing or sales department. Diploma in sales will give the power sales method to get more profit in the market.