Project Management calls for the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to every aspect of project planning and execution to ensure the successful completion of the project within stipulated time and budget.

A successful project manager must be able to envision and plan the project carefully right from the initiation to handover stage. He/she must be aware of the risks and challenges as well as possess the skill to execute it efficiently.

The implementation of effective project management practices promotes operational agility, which is integral to the success of a business in the fast changing business environment. Organizations greatly value trained Project Managers who have the ability to adapt to changing business scenarios and achieve superior project performance.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to enable professionals to understand the various aspects of Project Management and prepare them to use project management software. The course can help professionals to structure their work and complete projects as per internationally accepted Project Management standards.

The foundation course is tailored for professionals working in different fields like management, IT, civil, mechanical and electrical so as to meet their specific training needs.

Course content

The course gives introduction to Project Management as a philosophy, concept and a business practice. It trains students in project management software of their choice. The software include Primavera Complete, AstraPowerProject and Microsoft Project.

The course imparts training on the best practices and methodology that are appropriate to management, civil, mechanical and electrical projects.


Graduates from any stream can apply for this course

Who can enroll?

Professionals in the field of Project Management looking to upgrade their skills with better understanding of Project Management related software can benefit from this course.