Employability skills comprise of a wide range of skills ranging from communication and presentation to negotiation and team development. Regarded as significant as educational qualifications and experience, these skills help an individual adapt to the organizational culture and work in sync with people from different backgrounds. Employability skills are not industry specific and are integral to the professional success of every individual irrespective of his/her field of work.

It also includes soft skills that are integral to the professional success of individuals, and life skills that help people learn how to bring in harmony within one’s own self and move, work, and manage people with different backgrounds.

Course Objective

The Employability Skill Development Program (ESDP) imparts one with the required skills to gain a competit-13ive edge in any job market. This program, with an emphasis on hands on training, uses techniques like role play, business communication, team leadership.

It focusses on the overall development of the participant and seeks to provide a deeper understanding of various aspects of human relations, social awareness, presentation of self, working with a team while learning to negotiate and manage conflicts while at the same time encouraging independent thinking and decision making.

Course content

Enhancing communication skills and overcoming barriers in communication forms an important part of this program. On the one hand, the course focuses on personal traits like body language, pronunciation and self-confidence. At the same time it is designed to motivate the candidate to focus on personal developmental goals, understand the significance of information mapping and thereby excel in interviews and group discussions.

Using the ‘role play’ technique, the program helps participants understand the challenges of teamwork, barriers in communication as well as the confidence issues that go hand in hand with team presentation and public speaking.

Who can enroll?

Individuals seeking personal and professional growth, enhanced career opportunities and improved personal relationships can join this program. It is relevant to freshers from different streams as well as those of different age groups.